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Latest Article from Tevi Troy

Nine Days in July
What historic times are these.

July 21, 2024  •  City Journal

We live in remarkable times. President Joe Biden's decision to drop out of the presidential race at such a late date is extraordinary. Richard Nixon stepped down from the presidency in August 1974, but that was not a presidential election cycle. Lyndon Johnson and Harry Truman surprised people by announcing that they would not run again, but they made their decisions in March of presidential election years, not in July. Franklin Roosevelt delayed his decisions to break protocol and run for his third and fourth terms, but in both cases, he decided to run again, not withdraw. A candidate dropping out this late in the process, with weeks to go before the party convention, is unprecedented.

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Latest Article from Judith Miller

The Lebanon War Is Coming

July 17, 2024  •  Tablet

Israel faces a conundrum to which there is no easily discernible, sustainable solution: how best to counter the growing strategic threat posed by Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Shiite terrorist group that runs Lebanon.

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Latest Article from Clifford May

The war in cyberspace
America's top spy is warning you

July 17, 2024  •  The Washington Times

Last week, I received a message from America's top spy. You did too, but if you missed it, no worries. I'll fill you in.

Noting that "the Intelligence Community recognizes the importance of informing the public of foreign efforts to influence our democratic processes," Avril Haines, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, sent us "the first of what will be regular updates regarding such threats."

Of particular and immediate concern, she said, are Iran's rulers who are becoming "increasingly aggressive in their foreign influence efforts," adapting their "cyber and influence activities, using social media platforms and issuing threats."

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Latest Article from Michael Freund

Vichy France 2.0

July 14, 2024  •  Jerusalem Post

There is no other way to describe the outcome of the recent parliamentary elections in France, where the far-left bloc, dominated by an antisemite named Jean-Luc Melenchon, secured the largest number of seats in the National Assembly.

Indeed, the bitter irony is that French voters rejected Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front, which has discarded its antisemitic past, and instead chose the far-left New Popular Front (NPF), which has demonstrably failed to do the same.

This speaks volumes about the state of French society, and perhaps much of the Western world, where the hatred and slander of Jews is not automatically considered a disqualifying characteristic for anyone seeking higher office.

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Latest Article from Ilan Berman

Today's Antisemitism Is A National Security Threat

July 12, 2024  •  Newsweek

What is driving the massive surge of antisemitism we have seen since last October's campaign of terror by Palestinian terror group Hamas and Israel's ensuing offensive in the Gaza Strip? At least part of the answer is Iran. On July 9, the U.S. intelligence community divulged that the Islamic Republic has been playing an active role in stoking the protests, encampments, and civil unrest that have roiled the U.S. "In recent weeks, Iranian government actors have sought to opportunistically take advantage of ongoing protests regarding the war in Gaza, using a playbook we've seen other actors use over the years," the Office of the Director of National Intelligence reported. "We have observed actors tied to Iran's government posing as activists online, seeking to encourage protests, and even providing financial support to protesters." But Iran's involvement is just part of a much larger story. All of the available evidence suggests that today's "pro-Palestine" activism is an instrument of statecraft—one that is actively being weaponized against the U.S. by an array of hostile actors.

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Latest Article from Asaf Romirowsky

Quakers view the Palestinian narrative as just and righteous

July 11, 2024  •  Jerusalem Post

The American Friends Service Committee has been at the forefront of the Israel boycott movement for decades. Nothing, including the terrible Hamas massacre of October 7, has changed their stance.

In a recent interview, the current head of the AFSC, Joyce Ajlouny, gave a long diatribe about her recent visit to the region and to share her post-October 7 narrative. Prior to becoming the committee's director, she served for 13 years as director of the Ramallah Friends School, a hotbed of Arab nationalism and opposition to Zionism. The Ramallah School has also become a feeder to Quaker schools in the US, especially in Pennsylvania.

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Latest Article from Jonathan Schanzer

The Hezbollah Time Bomb Is Ticking

June 20, 2024  •  The Dispatch

Let's not mince words: The Middle East is on the precipice of the most destructive war of the region's modern history.

This war did not begin on October 7. It actually began one day later, when Hezbollah, the most powerful proxy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, began attacking Israel. The Israelis, already on their back foot from the Hamas assault in the south of their country, struggled to gain equilibrium.

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Latest Article from Soeren Kern

Germany's Woke Government Wavers as Islamists Declare Holy War

May 19, 2024  •  National Review

The German government's laissez-faire approach to Islamism has moved the problem into a taboo zone that has strengthened the Islamists.

More than a thousand Islamic extremists recently marched through the streets of Hamburg, Germany's second-largest city, demanding that the European Union's most populous and powerful country be reconstituted as an Islamic state governed by sharia. The demonstration, organized by a fast-growing Islamist group called Muslim Interaktiv, was allowed to proceed after left-wing parties in Hamburg's legislature rejected a petition by right-wing parties to prohibit the event.

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Latest Article from Henry I. Miller M.D.

Mask Up Again? As COVID Cases Rise, Look To Science And Not Pundits or Politicians
Politicizers and minimizers of the pandemic continue to spread disinformation about both the effectiveness and safety of masks

September 7, 2023  •  American Council on Science & Health

I can't believe we're having this discussion in September 2023, just as the fall respiratory virus season commences and we're experiencing a new wave of COVID-19, but the politicizers of COVID won't let up. Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) this week introduced legislation that "would prohibit any federal official, including the President, from issuing mask mandates applying to domestic air travel, public transit systems, or primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools."

There was also the ill-timed article by John Tierney in City Journal on August 27th claiming that "maskaholics are incorrigible" and everyone should reject masks because "we're rational."

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Latest from Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi's Blog

The Tribal Uprising Against the Syrian Democratic Forces in Dayr al-Zur: Interview

September 4, 2023

While the ongoing protests in Syria's southern province of al-Suwayda' against the Syrian government and its policies are noteworthy, the tribal uprising in the eastern countryside of the eastern province of Dayr al-Zur against the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is arguably of greater significance, as it amounts to an actual armed revolt that has posed a serious challenge to the SDF's authority over the area- an authority that was only established because of the American-led campaign against the Islamic State. In turn the revolt raises very serious issues about U.S. policy in the region and the supposed ongoing American mission to ensure the "enduring defeat" of the Islamic State.

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